Muscat: Asyad Group — the Sultanate’s transportation and logistics flagship — plans to evaluate the commercial and logistics benefits associated with the potential development of small and medium size ports at various locations along Oman’s lengthy coastline, according to Oman Observer.

As many as 10 locations have been identified as prospective for the development of modest-size ports to serve local markets as well as complement larger seaports in the vicinity.

Potential sites include Daba (Musandam Governorate), Liwa and Al Khabourah (North Al Batinah), Musannah (South Al Batinah), Sur, and Masirah (South Al Sharqiyah), Mahout (Al Wusta Governorate) and Al Shuwaymiyah, Sadah and Mirbat (Dhofar Governorate).

Last week, Asyad Group floated a tender for the appointment of a consultant to undertake an ‘Economic Study for Commercialisation of Small and Medium Ports’ in the Sultanate.

“The consultant will assess and prioritise each port against criterion as it applies to each cargo sector to determine the optimum role and competitive value proposition for each port, highlighting the economic and social impact of the identified port. The key overall principle is the logistics value to the customer,” the state-owned transport and logistics conglomerate noted in a brief introduction on the study.

In addition, the selected consultant is required to identify the value proposition associated with each location based on, among other factors, its ability to …Read More>>

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